Workaround: IE9 crashes when you pin a site to the taskbar

microsoft_ie_6So, this is basically the error (see the heading) I ‘ve been experiencing since I installed IE 9 on my computer. I’ve tried every solution I found in the Internet and nothing worked for me. Even the most common workaround which is generally about switching off the hardware acceleration for IE rendering, did not have an effect in my case (and seems for other people too). Therefore, I concluded that Intel video drivers were ok and this was not the root cause of the problem. While searching I noticed, that Internet was literally, flooded with similar complaints and searches.

Incidentally, this morning I finally forced it working. Down here I put a list of very simple steps I’ve undertaken to achieve a positive result finally:

  1. Drag and drop the tab with the desired site on the taskbar. It gets pinned, launches a new instance of IE and it crashes. After having this, please, don’t click the icon pinned on the taskbar. Otherwise, it crashes again and spoils the rest of the process.
  2. Close any remaining instances of IE.
  3. Launch IE (x32 ) on your homepage (MSN in my case).
  4. Click the icon with the previously pinned website to launch it in a new instance of IE. Now it works.
  5. Close all two instances of IE.
  6. Open the website by clicking the pinned icon. The IE launches this url with no errors from now and on for both x32 and x64 IEs.

I know, that this solution would not probably work for other people. It’s so simple, that I believe that many users have tried something like that already with no success. Otherwise, there would have been something on the Internet. However, it definitely works in my configuration for 100% of this kind of incidents. I’ll look into it in more details later on trying to figure out the root cause. But the most important is that now I am enjoying this unique feature of IE!

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