Using AWS Git (CodeCommit) on Windows via HTTPS

Amazon CodeCommit – хороший, хотя и не идеальный Git.

На Windows подключить можно как по SSH, так и по HTTP.

Рассмотрим вариант с HTTP:

  1. Install Git:
  2. Install Source Tree:
  3. Install AWS CLI:
  4. Download & install AWS SDK for .NET:
  5. Run PowerShell as Administrator
  6. Check Git: git –version
  7. Check AWS CLI: aws –version
  8. Start AWS configure: aws configure
  9. Enter AWS Access Key ID & AWS Secret Access Key. Stay Default region name & Default output format blank.
  10. Execute: Set-Location ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\AWS Tools\CodeCommit’
  11. Execute: .\git-credential-AWSS4.exe -p default
  12. Add repo to Source Tree & clone it.

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