Eliminating of Visual Studio 2012 disk usage

One of the developers complains that its desktop computer with Windows 8.1 Professional and Visual Studio 2012 Professional often working too slowly. Obviously the first step of investigations is Task Manager checking, that provides information of the permanent 100% disk usage. As hard disk drive is new and speedy, it should be software issue. Corresponding tab of Resource Manager shows that MsMpEng.exe too often access the file

C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0Common7IDEdevenv.exe

High usage of disk drive

High usage of disk drive

Resource Manager

Resource Manager

As MsMpEng.exe is the executable file for Windows Defender, we need exclude the executable file of Visual Studio IDE from the scanning. In addition, if you are sure that project folders don’t contain viruses or harmful files, you may add project folder(s) to excluded locations to prevent unnecessary file monitoring.

Add Visual Studio executable to excluded files

Add Visual Studio executable

Add project folder to excluded locations

Add project folder(s)

After we save settings, the disk usage level decreases to 0-7%.

Low usage of disk drive

Low usage of disk drive

Also let me remind that this problem is not new, and interrelation between the antivirus and Visual Studio often requires excluding the executable files of Visual Studio.

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